Finally, a digital home for all of my nonsense!

Morj has been a sort-of family wide nickname since well before I was born. The misspelling is intentional – people tend to pronounce “morgue” when Morgia is just truncated. For whatever reason, I never thought to check the domain for availability until recently. When I heard Noah Kagan’s story of buying for $1.5M, I checked out of curiosity – I assumed it’d be reserved and priced high enough that I didn’t even consider buying it. Whois pointed at a guy named Vitali, so I shot him an email:

Hey Vitali –
My family name is Morgia (like Georgia).
Our nickname is Morj. Would love to buy the domain from you if we can find a price that works.
What are you looking to sell it for?

He replied the next day:

Hi Alex!
I can sell it for $1250 via Godaddy marketplace or for $1150 via Sedo escrow.

Well, shit. I guess I’m going to buy it, then. The Sedo escrow process took a few weeks, and I’m proud to say I only googled “Sedo scam” a few times every day until the transfer was completed. Stayed tuned, with luck this will be the least interesting post I write!


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